Brian Walters: 1935-1999

Born in England in 1935, Brian Walters spent much of his early life in India and Africa. Moving back to England in his twenties he studied Fine Art and Graphics at the Central School of Art in London. Graduating in 1961, he founded an international Design Consultancy in London before launching his professional painting career with an exhibition in the South West of France in 1974. His preferred medium was watercolour, chosen because of the affinity he felt it had with landscape. His unique skill in the handling of watercolour enabled him to capture the beauty he perceived in the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere.

During his life he exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal Watercolour Society, Medici Gallery, Bath, Canterbury, Paris, Strasbourg and Bordeaux. Much of his latter years were spent in rural France where he kept his main studio.

Brian had a wonderful sense of light and shade, especially for the warmth of the sun in his paintings of France. Equally he gave an almost miraculous feel to the depth of the snow and the thickness of the fleece on the sheep in his English winter scenes.