During his lifetime Brian Walters considered himself to be more an artisan than an artist - someone who merely took the raw materials of paint and paper and drew shape, colour and form from them. Unlike others, he refused the opportunity to impose his will on his audience through his work, and instead went about the painstaking business of quietly teasing beauty from his six-colour pallette.
The results became paintings of increasingly breathtaking power as both his skills and his audience grew, and made him one of the few among his contemporaries who painted for a living.
At his death his body of work stood at over 620 paintings. The vast majority of these were sold, but thanks to his meticulous photographic records, almost all of them are reproduced here within this site - a site which is intended both as a commemoration of Brian as a painter and a tribute to the possibilities of paint on paper.

 "...when colour is introduced to dampened paper it explodes into the very shapes and forms that nature itself creates, while retaining the underlying sense of light and moisture that is in everything natural."
- Brian Walters