Locating paintings is simple and is done using the search box in the title bar above.

Type in pictorial elements such as sheep snow trees etc, using more than one word if you wish. Separate words using a single space (not commas) and click on the Go button (or press enter on your keyboard).

You can also type in a specific year, which will return all his paintings sold in that year.

You can also specify searches by season, and these will return results where the seasonal aspect of the painting was of particular importance.

Records are returned in groups of six with accompanying thumbnails. If more than six are returned you will be able to move between records using the next and previous text-buttons.

You can click on any thumbnail to view its enlargement, and you can also find the full back catalogue of Brian's work on the Archive page.

Good luck with your search. There are some amazing paintings to be discovered and we hope you enjoy this unique private viewing.